Step 5 -- IVANS Downloads Setup and Initial Loads

Step 5 in Getting started with Agency Advantage is Company Downloads setup and Initial loads.

You should have an IVANS “Y” account and User ID. If you do not, contact one of your companies that offer downloads and request one.

For Agency's that are local installs (NOT Private Cloud users), You must designate ONE computer to process downloads. You cannot run Agency Advantage Download Manager or IVANS programs on multiple computers.


Once the IVANS Transfer Manager and the Agency Advantage Download Manager, you need to setup your IVANS Mailbox. To do that you will need to go to the IVANS Transfer Manager:

  • Click on the Windows Start Button
  • Choose All Programs
  • Click IVANS Transfer Manager


When the Transfer Manager opens, click Configuration and then click on Support Mode.

Then click on Configuration, once more, and click Site Settings. A new window will appear. See the example below:

Configure this window as shown above and click OK.

Next you are going to click on the Configuration tab then click on Mailboxes and then Add. You are going to add 2 mailboxes:

1. Information Exchange Internet



2.  IVANS ECS Internet


Once you have filled on your IVANS "Y" Account name and User ID.  (Your Password is the same as your User ID) Click the OK button.  

Make sure you have added both mailboxes, then click ok.


You may now exit IVANS Transfer Manager.

NOTE: For insurance companies that do not use IVANS but download directly to your agency, be sure to save the download files to the \AA\downloads folder


Processing Initial Downloads

for all active customers with that company (for the lines of business they download).  You would need to request this Initial Download and it would usually be the first download you receive.



2.  The next screen that appears is the AL3 Initial Load.  If your agency has more than one location for this download, choose the location number and then click the the Load button.

Once it is done syncing the information in the database that screen will close.




This concludes the setup and of the Downloads and processing the initial loads.

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