Step 3 -- User Setup

Step 3 in Getting started with Agency Advantage is adding your users.


Initially, the Administrator is the only user that has been created. While logged in as the Administrator, you will need to add your Users.  

Users are the CSR’s, Operators, Producers as well as the Administrator’s in your agency who operate The Agency Advantage program.

Users must be entered individually and given a unique User Code.

To add a User: on the menu bar, choose Setup, and select User Setup. The User Entry screen 

  • Select The Setup tab
  • Select User Setup
  • Click the Add icon
  • Enter 3 character CSR code. The User’s initials are often a good User Code.
    For example: John W. Smith = JWS

Once you click ok, the screen now allows you to enter the User Name and password.  

*  The next section in user setup is granting Permissions. 

If you grant someone administrator privileges by checking the Administrator box, they have rights to do everything in the program including denying or granting others privileges.

Make sure you select all permissions you want the user to have.


*  Next section is Commission Rates:

Each user can be set up with default commission rates.  Enter the commission percentage or the flat fee rate for New Business and Renewals.  You can also put default percentage or flat rate for Other Charges.


*  The next section is the Signature:

To import a signature for use on your ACORD forms and letters, you can add a signature to your CSR. Print and scan our signature import page (recommended) or by choosing an existing bitmap signature from your computer.

Once you click on the Signature setup, the Import a Signature screens appears.

On this screen you have the choice of:

  • Scan Signature Page
  • Choose an existing bitmap signature from your computer
  • Print signature import page

*   The last section is the email setup for the user.

(This is used to send emails and texts from inside Agency Advantage)

Setting up email manually within the Agency Advantage requires the following information:

  1. Email address
  2. Outgoing mail server (smtp)
  3. Username (if required by email provider)
  4. Password (if required by email provider)
  5. In some instances, port number

You would need to get this from your email service provider depending on if it were your ISP, a website hosting account, or a free email service. Please keep in mind that many free email services (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) are not supported.

Once you have the information above, you may configure the email as shown below.   



This concludes the User setup section.

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