Step 1 -- Agency Information Setup

Before using The Agency Advantage, you must enter all your agency information and then register the software.

In this step we are just adding the Agency Information into AA.  In Step 2 we will go through the registration of the software.

The default password for the Administrator is aa2000

From the Main Menu click the Setup button and then Agency Information:


  1.  General
    1. The customer key is the software serial number and code number which is assigned during the registration process.
    2. The ID Card State controls the format of the auto insurance ID card your system will print.
    3. The Default Follow Up Delay (days) allows you to set a default number of days for your follow up activities.
  2. Next Numbers
    1. The Receipt, this is the starting number for the receipts
    2. The Check, this is the starting number for the checks
  3. QuickBooks Export
    1. These three entries are the account names in your Quickbooks for exported checks. They specify the names of the checking and expense accounts.  If you will not be exporting to Quickbooks, it is not necessary to make an entry in these fields.
  4. Other Charges
    1. These four entries allow you to specify other charges collected by your agency.  Some examples of this might included Processing Fee, MVR fee, Photo Fee or Broker fees. You can specify whether or not each fee is commissionable to your CSRs or Producers. When the box is checked this specifies that the charge is commissionable to your CSRs or Producers.
    2. The last checkbox controls the printing of the Other Charges detail on receipts.  When the box is checked a break down of all other charges prints on the receipt.  When it is not checked, no breakdown appears on the receipt.
  5. Receipt Disclaimer
    1. The receipt disclaimer is a message you would like to print on your receipts
  6. Advertisement Banner
    1. The final entry is for a banner message that appears along the bottom of all letters generated in AA.


This concludes Step 1 of Getting Started in AA.

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