Step 2 -- Product Registration

*** Registration must be done from the Live Database!  Do not attempt to register the Demo Database ***  (This only needs to be done for local installs not Private Cloud)

In this step you will change the AA Demo information to your Agency Location(s).

You need to click on the Setup tab, Agency Information and then Product Registration

This will bring up the Product Registration Screen.  On this screen you are going to click on the edit icon as shown below:

Clicking the edit icon opens the Agency Locations screen where you will change the AA Demo to your Agency Information.

1. Location Code - Enter 1 unless you have multiple locations sharing a database.

2. Description - Is used to identify the office locations.  Use the "Main Office" or enter the desired location name.

3. Phone & Fax - Enter phone and fax numbers. Please keep these numbers updated. They will appear on the Agency receipts.

4. Web Address - Enter Agency web address or leave blank.

5. Receipt Address - Enter Agency address, this will appear on your receipts.

6. Memo Address - Enter Agency name, Address, Phone, Fax numbers and website.

7. Click the "Exit" icon and the "Registration Form" window will appear.

Click the "Print" icon, Print and then FAX the completed registration to The Agency Advantage at (334) 460-9890.

This information will be processed and The Agency Advantage will fax a new registration key to you with instructions.

A small gold "Key" icon will appear on this computer and the Access Code updates must always be completed on this computer. If The Agency Advantage has received the monthly payment by the due date, the updated Access Code process is done automatically via the internet. If the payment is received late, then obtaining the Access Code must be done manually.

Click on the "Key" icon and enter the access code. 

NOTE: If your location information changes, please modify, reprint and fax the updated registration to The Agency Advantage at (334) 460-9890. The Customer Key can be found on the bottom right hand side of the Main Menu screen.

This completes Step 2 of getting started with The Agency Advantage.  Your next step is user setup.


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