How to Text from Agency Advantage

Did you know you are able to send your customers text messages from Agency Advantage?

If you are able to send emails from your Agency Advantage then you can send text messages as well.  

Although text messages are typically sent from one mobile phone to another, users can also send and receive text messages from a computer.

Here’s how to send a text message from Agency Advantage, compose a new email and use the recipient’s mobile phone number as the email address, with the addition of the carriers gateway address at the end.

For example, if the phone number is 555-123-4567, type “” The length of the email should be kept to fewer than 140 characters. Once you are finished, hit send.  

  • AT&T:
  • T-Mobile:
  • Verizon:
  • Sprint: or
  • Virgin Mobile:
  • Tracfone:
  • Metro PCS:
  • Boost Mobile:
  • Cricket:
  • Nextel:
  • Alltel:

In The Agency Advantage add the "text option" as an email for your customer:


Once the customer's cell number has been entered as an email option, you can begin sending text messages.

  1. In the customers folder, click on the mail icon 
  2. Type your customers name in the TO: field 
  3. Choose the correct customer name
  4. Choose the email address to use
  5. Highlight that email address
  6. Click on the envelope icon at the bottom to start the message


 If your customer responds to the message it will go to your email address.  (It will not go into Agency Advantage)

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