Quick Books Export

After printing checks you can send the data to a temporary file which can be imported into the Quick Books check register by entering a date range for the checks you wish to have exported into the temporary file. First you must setup your Quick Books accounts. Go to Setup at the toolbar at the top, then Agency Information. You may be prompted to enter the Administrator password. Enter the correct account information, then return to the main menu or home screen by clicking on the Exit button.

Since Quick Books for Windows can have multiple checking accounts, you must specify the name of the checking account on the setup screen above. To export the files, return to the main menu or home screen. Click on Accounting, then click on Quick Books Export.

Verify that the date range is correct. This function will export all checks generated within that date range. When you are ready to export the checks, click on the Export Data button. Consult your Quick Books manual for instructions on importing files. The import file name is C:\AAUSR\AAXFER.IIF.

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