Selecting a Scanner

There is a huge selection of scanners on the market today. It's not unreasonable to believe that selecting a scanner can be a technological nightmare. Believe it or not, many of the scanners that are found off the shelf at retail stores simply aren't suited for business use. These scanners are more geared towards home use and photo scanning. The paperless office needs a scanner that can handle large volumes of documents and process them in a quick and easy manner.

In order to further help our customers in their search for a scanner, we've compiled this list of the top manufacturers of scanners on the market today. The scanners' prices vary depending on speed and duplex capabilities. The faster scanners will fetch a higher price and with these trusted brands, you will be paying more for a quality scanner that will last longer.

Fujitsu Workgroup Scanners

Cannon High Speed Document Scanners

Xerox Workgroup Scanners

HP Document Management Scanners - Please keep in mind that there are many categories of scanners on this site and not all of them may be TWAIN compatible. The ones that we are looking at here are the "Document Management Scanners" only.

With the addition of our Batch File program, TWAIN compatibility is no longer a requirement. If you have an existing scanner that isn't TWAIN compatible you can still import those documents into the Agency Advantage software. Listed below are manufacturer categories that may list non-TWAIN compatible scanners for larger networking environments. Please keep in mind, that if a scanner is non-TWAIN compatible then you cannot scan directly from Agency Advantage. You will need to scan the documents to a pre-determined location on your network or computer first, then use our Batch File program to attach the documents to customer folders.

Fujitsu Network Scanners

Cannon Network Scanners

Xerox Network & Department Scanners - Three of the 4 listed on this page are also TWAIN compatible and an excellent choice for larger offices.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap line of scanners are not supported. They lack TWAIN drivers and do not have features to where they would be efficient with our program in an office environment.

Below are TWAIN compatible scanners that we have supported recently with good reviews, most have duplex scanning and USB connection to the computer. Each of the scanners below can be found on for various prices. Shop around and find the best deal. 

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