Entering existing files into WinAA

Entering existing customer files is probably the most difficult part of starting to use any office automation product. Your goals should be to give your customers good service, begin to receipt all monies received, and begin to account for all commissions earned. You should move at a pace comfortable to everyone in the office. Above all you should not keep your customers waiting. When they come by to make a payment on an existing policy you should make sure that they are entered in your customer file and give them a receipt for the payment. It is not imperative that you enter the policy at this time. You can use the description line on the receipt to reference the policy number.

If you are starting from scratch and have never used an agency management system, requesting initial downloads from companies can greatly reduce your data input time. Initial loads are a compilation of your current book of business with that individual company. Most companies that we download with, utilize the initial load function. For more information about company downloads, please visit the Company Download Overview.

If you are pulling files from the cabinet and entering policy data on existing policies you should be aware of the following:
*When you enter a policy that became effective three months ago you must carefully handle the policy activity window.
*If you answer "N" for new business on the activity window you will be creating an un-reconciled commission record dated today for a commission that you earned three months ago!
*Since production reporting is done by transaction date, you will be overstating your production for today by the full amount of this three month old policy.

Here is the recommended method for entering existing policies from the filing cabinet:

  • After you have set up the policy, create a (M)iscellaneous activity transaction. The premium and commission amounts should be zero.

  • Enter "Initial setup" for the description. This will satisfy the system's activity accounting and will not overstate your production. Since the system automatically reconciles activity records with a zero premium amount, you will not be bothered by these activity records when you begin reconciling company statements.

  • When you run a production report by transaction type at the end of the day, you will be able to see which CSR's have been entering info from the file cabinets!

  • You should also run the INCOMPLETE TRANSACTION LISTING on the utilities menu frequently. This will list all policies for which the accounting activity has not been entered. These are the same policies that have the total premium highlighted.

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