New Workstation Install Compatibility Issues

As of July 14th, 2009 Microsoft discontinued support for their Office 2000 products. Older Microsoft Office products such as Office '97 and Office 2000 are not compatible with some of the newest system files and become corrupt during the install process. Our support team has received various reports of issues when attempting to install Agency Advantage from an old CD on computers running Windows 7. This results in the user not being able to run Agency Advantage and sometimes other Office products can be affected. Sometimes the attempted uninstall of Office 2000 products are successful. However, for the majority of users that have experienced this, the only solution was to reformat their computer and reload everything. This can also occur with computers that may be using other operating systems such as Vista or Windows XP if all of the latest service packs have been installed.

To help you avoid any potential problems like this we have provided a checklist to go by:

  1. Discard old Agency Advantage Install CDs. You can download the newest copy of the workstation install here. The new install files use Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime and are fully compatible with the newest operating systems.

  2. If you have any old workstation_install.exe files on your server, they also need to be deleted.

  3. Make sure that any software that you install on any new computer is compatible with it. If you are unsure then call the software vendor BEFORE INSTALLING. If you are running Windows 7 you can follow this link to check the compatibility of some software with Windows 7. Agency Advantage is only compatible with the Windows 7 Professional and above versions.

  4. If you have data on the computer that you are concerned about losing, make a backup of the computer if possible.

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