Add ID Card

In the customer folder, click the Policy tab.  Open the AUTO policy by double clicking on the record selector to the left of the policy.  In the policy detail screen you will see the Forms / ID Cards tab.


Click the Vehicle ID Cards button.  

You will be asked if this is a temporary card.  Yes or No

Enter the Effective Date for the card then click ok.  

You will then be asked if you want one card per page.  Yes or No.

Then a print preview of the ID card will appear.  Verify that it is correct then click the Print button.  


The State ID card is chosen based on the address of the policy holder.  You can create an ID card for the state that the agency is based by choosing Utilities on the Menu Bar and selecting Temporary ID Cards.  This card is created for the state that was selected in the ID Card State Name field on the Agency Setup screen.

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