Policy Cancellations

You should first set up a user with the code CAN and name Cancellation.  User entry's can be accessed through System Setup --> User Setup --> Add CSR.  You should have something similar to the picture below.

After setting up a Cancellation user you can use your Quick Note Entry to document and suspense the cancellation.  From the main menu choose Document Management then Quick Note Entry, here you want to choose the customer who has a cancellation approaching, choose CAN as your CSR for cancellation and add a quick note that describes the cancellation.  Post the follow-up date 2 days before the cancellation date if you are planning on touching base with the customer to prevent a cancellation.

Using this method you are able to run Follow-up Reports with the code CAN from the Reports menu to generate cancellation information.

Your company should have someone that works the cancellations each day.  When it is time to cancel the policy you simply go into the policy and press the Cancel Policy button (red exclamation point).

If the customer sent the payment off and you did not receive it before the cancellation date and the payment arrives, you simply just want to reinstate the policy by clicking the Reinstate Policy button (button with green exclamation point).




If a customer fails to send in the payment and the policy is cancelled, try to sell back to the customer by letting them know that their business is important to you!




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