Moving Pictures from a Camera to The Agency Advantage

When you purchase a camera, many times it comes with a software program that will allow you to move the pictures to your computer and edit them in many different ways. Sometimes these programs are quite cumbersome to use when it comes to just moving the files from point A to point B. This article will explain how to very quickly get the files off of the camera and attach them to a customer folder in The Agency Advantage. This tutorial can also be used to get images off of a removable storage drive or USB flash drive.

Most cameras, when connected to the computer will show up as a removable drive in My Computer. For this example, the one on my computer shows up as Camera (F:).

When you double-click on the drive, it will show you a list of directories that are currently on the camera's memory card. The names of these directories or folders will vary. This camera has Cannon104 as the directory name.


Double-clicking on this folder should bring you to a list of images. If you cannot find the images immediately, you may need to try going into a different folder. You will find the images eventually, it just may take some hunting to get to the main list of images for that camera.

Now that you know where to find the images, you need to return to Agency Advantage, open up a customer folder and go to the Attachments tab. Click on the 'Add' button under Documents.

Next, navigate to the folder where you located your images. In my example, I went to My Computer, F drive, Cannon104, and the images were in that directory. Choose the file you want and then 'Open.' (Please keep in mind that on your camera the image names may not be the same and you may have to do some searching around initially before locating the correct image.)


Enter in all of your information, policy number, description, as usual and click the 'Exit' button.

You will then see the image listed on the Documents list. Repeat for any additional images from your camera (or removable drive) that you need to import into The Agency Advantage.




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