Setting up WinAA on a Wide Area Network (WAN)

The instructions provided here are for customers who are using Microsoft's © Terminal Services or Microsoft's © Remote Desktop. Customers who are using Citrix Metaframe or Citrix NFuse will achieve similar functionality by using published applications.

When using the Microsoft Access runtime on a Terminal Server it may be necessary to install an additional transform package. If you receive the error message "This program must be installed to run..." after installing WinAA, please contact technical support for assistance with installing the transform package.


You must complete the software installation from the CD-ROM before proceeding. Software installations should always be performed while logged in to Windows as an Administrator.

In order for WinAA to operate correctly each user must have his/her own program file. By default the CD-ROM installation places one program file into the c:\aausr folder. The wansetup.exe program will install a VB script to the c:\aausr\wanusr folder and place a new WinAA icon on the desktop.

You should already have a WinAA icon on your desktop and may be prompted to overwite this file during the installation.

The script, wanlaunch.vbs, will handle creating a program file for each user logging into the server. The newly created program files will be stored as described below:


Where %username% is the username of the person logged in to Windows. It is therefore recommended that each user have a unique Windows account name.


Since the VB script copies the program file to a user's WAN folder each time WinAA is opened, updates should be run while everyone is out of the system. Once applied each user will receive the updated program file the next time they open WinAA.

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