Certificate Processing

Certificates of insurance are a time consuming aspect of agency operations.  The Agency Advantage contains features to expedite certificate processing.

The Certificate Holders tab, located on the Forms tab in the customer folder, contains many functions to help you create and manage the certificate holders associated with a given client.  In addition to the ability to copy a new holder from the third party address file, you can now create a new holder record by duplicating the description block of a selected holder.  Additional features are highlighted in the graphic below. 

Note:  One or more certificate holders must be created prior to adding a certificate to the system.  

The Certificate of Insurance forms 24 and 25 require that the line of business match the ACORD standard for each subsection of the certificate.  The graphic below shows a sample commercial customer's active policies which have been selected to complete the Certificate of Liability Insurance (ACORD 25).  

When a certificate is added, the system searches the customer folder for active policies in the ACORD standard lines of business highlighted below.  If an active policy for the class is found, the drop-down is preloaded with the corresponding policy number.  



 Pressing the Continue button takes you to the selected certificate.  The form is prefilled with data from the policies you selected above.


To generate a certificate for each holder selected in the first step, choose File then Print All Certificates.


As each certificate is printed, the holder and corresponding description block are filled in by the system.


Note:  For customers using a version of Adobe Acrobat.  It is advised that you download the Adobe Reader and set it as the default program for .fdf files.  You may set Acrobat as the default program for .pdf files if you wish.  You will not see the Save to WinAA or Print All Certificates without Adobe Reader installed.

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