Importing a Quote

The Import Quote option is designed to be used along with your comparative rater. To actually process a quote and retrieve that quote into a new policy is a two step process.

  1. The first step is to transfer the quote to the Agency Advantage from the rating software.
  2. The second step is using the Import Quote button on the toolbar at the top to retrieve the quote. The wizard cannot be utilized until you have a basic understanding of the rating option and how to transfer a quote. 

    To use the wizard lets first assume that you have already transferred a quote for a prospective customer and now you wish to create a policy. From the Home screen, click the Import Quote button on the toolbar at the top.


This will pull up a screen with the list of available quotes. The screen should look similar to the one below.

In this window you will notice that there is a list of all of the quotes that you have transferred. There may be just one or several. Select the customer you want to import, then at the bottom choose Select Quote.

Next, the policy wizard will check the customer database to see if there is already a customer file with a similar name. This window tells how many matches you have based on the first and last name. This is very helpful in preventing multiple entry of the same customer.

This window is where you make corrections to the address and other customer information. Next you are prompted to select the correct insurance company from the drop down list. After you have picked the insurance company the effective and expiration dates must be checked to make sure they are correct.

If it cannot find a matching customer, it will assume that it is a new customer entry. Here you will need to select the correct company and then Import.

After you press Import, you are taken to the new policy screen. Here you would make any necessary adjustments and create the policy activity.


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