FSC to Agency Advantage Mass Import Utility

This program is designed to import the saved quotes from FSC into WinAA as customers. In order to do this the quotes must first be exported from FSC using the mass export utility.

Exporting from WinFSC

In the WinFSC software you want to click on Tools at the top of the main menu. You will see the option Setup. Click on Setup and then click on the Management System Exporter Tab. On this screen you will see two entry fields. The first one is System. Click on the select (down arrow) button and select Agency Advantage. The second field is the destination field. Here we will need to type the path that the files need to be exported to. The path should begin with the drive letter where you installed the WinAA server software followed by \AA\Quotes . For example if you installed the WinAA Server software onto your F drive the destination path should read as F:\aa\quotes . Once you have entered in the destination path click Ok. Next click on Tools again and select Quote Management and click Tools again. Select Export. You will then see the Quote Selection-Export window. Here you will want to enter the ‘From Date’ and ‘To Date’ for the quotes that you want to export in the X-date section. These are the expiration dates of the quotes that have been completed. It is recommended that the best method for entering the dates would be to use todays date in the ‘From Date’ field and to use date for one year from today in the ‘To Date’ field. The next thing that you want to do is select ‘Insured’ under Applicant Status. Then you will want to select ‘Auto’ under Type of Quote. None of the other quote types should be selected because WinAA will only import the Auto quotes. Click the Ok button and WinFSC will generate a list of all the matching clients. You will then need to go through the list selecting each client to import by clicking on the check box or you can click the ‘Select All’ button at the bottom of the window. Then click the Ok button and all of the clients will be exported into a folder ready to be imported into WinAA. Please note that the WinFSC export can take some time to complete.

Importing into WinAA

This is the final step in importing the WinFSC clients into WinAA. This can only be done after the WinFSC export has been completed. Click on your Start button and go to Programs. Go to Agency Advantage and click on WinAAUtl. This is a utilities program for WinAA. Type in the password ‘AA2000’ and click Login. Next you will need to connect to the live database. This is done by clicking on Change Connection and browsing over to your aadata.mdb and selecting it. This file should be located in your AA folder on your server. The next step is to click on Rating System Imports and click on FSC Rater. You will have two choices on how to import the quotes. You can attempt to retrieve all quotes as is or use the customize method. Using the customize method you can select a common CSR code, referral source, and Sales location that the program will enter for each imported customer.

Using the retrieve all method will attempt to match the CSR code and referral source found in each quote to the ones entered in your WinAA. In order for this to work successfully you should enter your CSR codes identically in WinAA as you have them in FSC. The referral source descriptions in WinAA must identically match the descriptions in FSC. The ID card name under insurance companies in WinAA must identically match the company name under FSC. During the import if the program does not find a match for the CSR it will create a CSR code "FSC" with "FSC Mass Export" as the CSR name. This code will be added to the customers where a match is not found. The will perform a similar procedure for referral sources and companies. Unmatched referral sources will have the code "FS" and the description "FSC Mass Export", while unmatched companies will have the code "FSC" and the description "FSC Mass Export". Any imported policies that did not have a matching company will also have the company name as listed for it in FSC saved under the notes field for that policy in WinAA.


1. Make sure that all of the CSRs, companies and referral sources have been entered in to WinAA . Also try to match these entries as to how they are entered in FSC. This will make for a more efficient export.

2. Make sure that you have made adequate backups of your rating software and allow for plenty of time to perform the export into WinAA. This could be time consuming depending on the number of quotes that you are exporting. It is recommended that the utility be run after hours or when you will not need access to your computer.

3. Do not run this utility more than once on the same database. This program was designed with the idea of populating an empty database with your FSC quotes. Running it again will create duplicate entries of the same customers and policies. Also note that any duplicate names in FSC will be loaded into WinAA.

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