In order to export quotes from CCiRater you must first have the template to transfer information between the rater and The Agency Advantage. When you setup each workstation rating interface a template is copied to your CCI export subdirectory.

The name of this template is WinAA.aux.

Since the bridge should already be set up in CCiRater you can configure Agency Advantage for the rating bridge. When you select Policy Wizard for the first time a screen appears that allows you to select the rating interface. If you are unsure if step has been performed it is recommended that you check to see if the settings are correct.

To check these settings go to Utilities from your Main Menu in Agency Advantage. Next choose Set Rating Interface. A screen should appear that is similar to the one below. Notice that CCIRater is selected. This indicates that CCIRater was detected. To the right it should show the drive where the software was detected. It must be set to the drive that your rating program resides. Once you have these two items set press the save button. One important note, you must check the Set Rating Interface on each workstation that you plan to utilize the bridge from. The Set Rating Interface configures each workstation individually not the network as a whole.

How to Utilize the Bridge Function

Rate a quote as you normally would in CCiRater. When you get to the Quote Detail screen click Export at the top of the CCI menu. On the next screen you will see a list of export templates for various programs including Agency Advantage. After you have highlighted the Agency Advantage template press enter and the file should be exported.

The next step is to retrieve the quote in the Agency Advantage. Go back into Agency Advantage and click the Auto Policy Wizard icon on the top menu. This should pull up the list of imported quotes.

To begin using the imported information, please refer to the Auto Policy Wizard Section in Your Agency Advantage Manual.

Trouble Shooting

Q: When I try to bridge from CCiRater to Agency Advantage the quote is not being exported. A: Check Rater under Set Rating Interface in Agency Advantage. CCIRater should be selected, also make sure that it is set to the correct drive.

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