As of version 3.040 The Agency Advantage supports the AccuAuto online version along with the original local install versions of AccuAuto. The Agency Advantage setup for the AccuAuto online version is very simple and straight forward. You would only need to select - Utilities - Set Rating Interface and select AccuAuto. You must select C as the rater drive. AccuAuto will need to install an additional file on each workstation. You will need to contact them for that file.

The instructions below explain the setup for the AccuAuto non-web-based system.

In order to export quotes from AccuAuto you must have agency management checked under the system defaults. You can check it by going to Utility on the main menu and then go to System Defaults and select agency management.

Now that you have set the bridge up in AccuWin/AccuAuto you can configure Agency Advantage for the rating software. When you select Import Quotes for the first time a screen appears that allows you to select the rating interface. If you are unsure if step has been performed it is recommended that you check to see if the settings are correct. To check these settings go to Utilities from the tool bar at the top in Agency Advantage. Next choose Set Rating Interface.

Notice that Rater is set to Accurate. This identifies Accurate as the rating program. To the right it should show the drive where the software was detected. It must be set to the drive that your rating program resides. Once you have these two items set press the save button. One important note, you must check the Set Rating Interface on each workstation that you plan to utilize the bridge from. The Set Rating Interface configures each workstation individually not the network as a whole.

How to Utilize the Bridge Function:

In order to bridge from Accurate to Agency Advantage you must have both programs open at the same time. While in Agency Advantage click on the AccuAuto icon. Now rate a quote as you normally would in AccuAuto. Next go to the breakdown screen for your quote. Select "Save" and chose "Save as Policy". The quote should now be exported. Click on the Agency Advantage icon on the taskbar. This should pull the Agency Advantage back up. Choose Auto Policy Wizard from the main menu. This should pull up the list of imported quotes. Your screen should look similar to the image below. If the client name that you attempted to bridge is showing then the quote import for AccuAuto has been successfully configured..

Trouble Shooting:

Q: When I go to bridge my quote I get no error message but my quote is not exporting to Agency Advantage.

A: Check Rater under Utilities - Set Rating Interface in Agency Advantage. AccuAuto should be selected, also make sure that it is set to the correct drive. Agency management may also not be selected under system defaults in AccuAuto.

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