Check Processing

You have written a few receipts and now you are ready to write the checks out to the companies. Select Accounting from the Main Menu, then select Check Processing under Checking & Deposits. You will now be looking at a screen to this.

The companies are on the top.  Select the company that you are ready to write checks for.  The receipts will show up on the bottom.  If you set up the company to receive net checks then the amount that is printed to them will automatically have the commission taken out.  If you have combined check set up in the company then it will send them one check instead of several checks.  If you don't understand these terms, please review the insurance company setup.

If you do not want to add a certain receipt to the check, all you have to do is click on 'Hold' and it will not be processed.  After making sure you have everything correct and you are ready to process the checks, click on the 'Print' button on the bottom.  The system will then verify the starting check number.  Click 'OK' and it will print the checks.  It will also ask if the checks printed correctly.  If you click 'Yes' they are posted to the check register.  If you click 'No', they are NOT posted to the check register, and you must reprint them.

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