Auto Policy

To add an Auto Policy go to your Customer Folder

  • Click on the Policies Tab
  • Click add 


  • Choose AUTO for personal lines or AUTOB for commercial lines
  • Choose The Company
  • Choose Location
  • Choose Term of policy
  • Choose Billing Type (Agency Bill or Direct Bill)
  • Then click Create Policy


The top section of the policy is the Policy Header and contains much of the basic information about the policy:

  • The company
  • Policy number
  • Commission plan
  • Line of business
  • Billing Type (Agency or Direct Bill)
  • Term of the policy
  • Sales location that wrote the policy
  • The effective and expiration dates and
  • Premium numbers


The Coverage Tab in the Auto Policy is a summary of the most frequently viewed information.  It is where you can add or edit vehicles and drivers.

  • Enter the Coverages that apply to the entire policy on the left  side of the page
  • Enter any Additional coverages under the Additional Coverages
  • Add/Edit/Delete Vehicles
  • Add/Edit/Delete Drivers

To add a Vehicle, click the add icon under vehicles.

  • Assign a number to each vehicle
  • Fill in all the fields including premiums
  • Also notice the Loss Payee field.  Loss payees may be looked up from the Third Party database by clicking on the binoculars icon next to the Loss Payee Field.
  • Then click the back button to exit the vehicle


To add a Driver, click the add icon under vehicles.

  • Assign a number to each driver
  • Fill in all the fields 
  • Then click the back button to exit the driver

Much of this information is entered automatically when the policy is set up using the Agency Advantage Rating Interface and Auto Policy Wizard.

Note that the third driver’s information is red.  If the Excluded Driver check box is checked on the Driver Entry Window, the driver’s information appears in red to indicate that he or she is an excluded driver on this policy.

To print insurance identification cards and forms relating to the auto policy, click the Form / ID Cards tab. 

  • Click on the Vehicle ID Cards Button
  • A messages box asks if this is for temporary cards 
    • If you want to issue insurance ID cards that are valid only for a defined number of days click YES and another box will appear where you will enter the number of days for the card to be valid.

  • If you want to print a standard card that will be valid for the policy period, you should click NO and then choose whether you want multiple cards per page or a single card per page. 
  • If you want to print a card for one vehicle choose one per page and print only the page for that vehicle from the print preview screen.

  • After printing your cards click the Close Print Preview button on the Preview Screen Menu to return to the Auto Policy.

To print Forms click the add button below the ID Card Button. 

  • Choose or ACORD form or Standard AA form that you would like to print

*See the How TO on forms for more information*

To add Finance Information

  • Clicking on the Finance Info/Notes Tab
  • This information usually is also entered automatically by the Auto Policy Wizard and is self explanatory.  The note field is a free from area for entry of any type of additional information pertaining to the policy.



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