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As of version 3.040 The Agency Advantage supports the ITC online version along with the original local install versions of ITC. The Agency Advantage setup for the ITC online version is very simple and straight forward. You would only need to select - Utilities - Set Rating Interface and select ITC Turborater You must select C as the rater drive. ITC will need to install an additional file on each workstation. You will need to contact them for that file.

The instructions below explain the setup for the ITC non-web-based system.

Creating the bridge in Turbo Rater

In order to export quotes from Turbo Rater you must designate a BRIDGE program to transfer information between the rater and WinAA. Set up the bridge by entering Turbo Rater and clicking on Tools. Next select Agency Management Setup. If the WinAA Bridge is not installed, press New to create a bridge, otherwise highlight WinAA and press Edit.


Fill in the screen as shown below and click OK.

Note:  You must make sure that you choose Turbo Tags 2.0 as the bridge format.

Configuring WinAA to use ITC Rater

When you select the Auto Policy Wizard for the first time a screen appears that allows you to select the rating interface.

Choose ITC Turbo Rater from the dropdown list.

Press the save button to complete configuration.

Testing the Interface In ITC

Select a quote and rate it.  Choose a company and select Breakdown, Send To and Agency Advantage.  Next pull up WinAA and select Auto Policy Wizard from the main menu.  The quote you exported should appear on this screen.

Verifying Rating Interface Setup

If you are unsure about your rating interface settings, go to Utilities from the Main Menu in WinAA and choose Set Rating Interface.  A screen should appear that is similar to this.


A bad quote file can cause the interface to stop working.  It will hang during the Processing Quote phase.  Remove all unprocessed export files by going to the c:\assusr folder and delete the file named itcquote.ttp.

Return to ITC and export a quote. Check the c:\aausr folder and see if a new export file has been created. If no export file is found check the bridge setup in ITC. The bridge format must be set to Turbo Tags 2.0. Also make sure that the default output directory* is set to C:\aausr and the default output file name and extension are set to itcquote and ttp.

*Note: The drive letter for the default directory may differ if you are using WinAA in a Terminal Server or Citrix environment. You may need to consult Agency Advantage Technical support or your network administrator before configuring.

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