Billing and Access Codes

Invoices are mailed on the 1st business day of the month.  Payment is due by the 15th.

A late fee will be added to any account whose payment has not been received by the last day of the month. (Timely payments are important as late fees can be costly.)

The software Access Code is automatically retrieved each month over the internet by the computer on which you registered the software.

You can identify the registered computer by locating the ‘Key‘ icon located on the bottom right hand side of the Main Menu.

The key icon only appears on the computer on which The Agency Advantage was registered.  It is very important to register the software on a computer that will actually run the software, not on a server which could possibly be located in a back room.

Using the ‘Key’ icon you can manually enter an access code or retrieve it from the internet.

For questions on your account please contact our accounting department at (800) 833-5179 option 4.

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