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Installation Instructions:

Warning: These files should be installed only on the computer you will use to retrieve and process downloads.DO NOT INSTALL ON EVERY MACHINE IN YOUR OFFICE!

1. Download and install the Download Manager.
2. Download and install the IVANS.NET.
for detailed instructions on the setup and use of the download feature.


The Agency Advantage Download Manager is a stand alone program that merges company download files into the the Agency Advantage management system. The program accepts files in ACORD AL3 format. Most carrier files use the popular AFW format. Compressed files are automatically handled by the system with no user intervention required.

The IVANS transfer manager is fully integrated in this product. IVANS files should be routed to your network \aa\download folder. Support is available for company download files not transmitted through IVANS. These files should also be stored in the network \aa\download folder.

After selecting a file, it is digested into a temporary work file and moved to an archive folder. A work file is displayed giving the operator an opportunity to print a listing of the file’s contents and to manually handle any errors. Some common tasks include assigning a CSR code to new business transactions and verifying the commission plan assigned to policies.

The system makes use of colors to aid the operator. Items in RED require attention, YELLOW indicates the absence of a perfect match on customer name and address, or policy number effective date combinations. This also indicates that a customer or policy may be created.

Customers are matched using the first eight characters of the name and address. Policies are matched using the full policy number (less any suffix preceded by a dash) and effective date plus or minus three days. Results of matching are displayed in the work file along with a description of the action to be preformed for each item.

The system has two posting methods. Individual posting is used to handle errors. The individual item posting screen allows the operator to match the download transaction to any customer’s folder and/or policy. Batch posting processes all remaining items in the work file. Batch posting cannot be run until all error items are handled.

The posting process updates policy and customer information and transfers the entire ACORD AL3 transaction into the agency management system. A summary view and a detail view of the download transaction are available on the ‘Downloads’ tab in the customer folder and on the policy detail screen.

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