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Company Downloads

Downloading is a quick and accurate way of updating customer and policy information.  The Agency Advantage imports this information directly into the customer’s folder using The Agency Advantage Download Manager.

The Agency Advantage Download Manager processes information sent from insurance companies via IVANS (a network for collecting and transmitting an agency’s data from various companies).  Information sent directly to the agency from companies that do not use IVANS (Example:  Mercury, Progressive) is also supported.  Most companies use the IVANS download.

You must designate ONE computer to process downloads.  (You cannot run The Agency Advantage Download Manager or IVANS programs on multiple computers).


You should have an IVANS “Y” Account and User ID.  If you do not, contact one of your companies that offer downloads and request one.

After you have installed the IVANS Transfer Manager and The Agency Advantage Download Manager, you need to setup your IVANS Mailbox.  To do that you need to go to the IVANS Transfer Manager, click on the Windows Start button, choose All Programs, and then IVANS Transfer Manager.  When the Transfer Manager opens, on the toolbar, click Configuration and click on Support Mode.

 Then click on Configuration, once more, and click Site Settings.  A new window will appear.  See the example on the next page.

Configure this window as shown above and click OK.

Next you are going to click on the Configuration tab then click on Mailboxes and then Add.

You are going to add 2 mailboxes:

  1. Information Exchange Internet

  1. IVANS ECS Internet

Once you have Filled in your IVANS “Y” Account name and User ID.  Your Password is the same as your User ID.  Click the Save button, a new window will appear.  Click Save on that window.  (Make sure you have added both mailboxes)

Then click OK

You may now exit IVANS Transfer Manager.

NOTE:  For insurance companies that do not use IVANS but download directly to your agency, be sure to save the download files to the \AA\downloads folder


Understanding The Agency Advantage Download Manager

The download manager is a stand alone program. It must be downloaded, installed, and updated separately. 

Press Start, Program Files, Agency Advantage, WinAA Download Manager to start the program. The download manager will relink to your database the first time it is opened. Log in to the program in the same way you log in to the Agency Advantage. The opening screen shows any company download files waiting to be processed.

There are several items on this screen you need to be familiar with. First, let’s look at the toolbar at the top.

 Check Mailbox – Receive your downloads

  1. Delete – Delete unwanted download
  2. Mailbox – (the mailbox is setup through the Ivans Transfer Manager)
  3. Archive – You use this button when you need to reprocess a file or look up a file you processed previously.  The button accesses the Archive folder that is in your aa/download folder on the server.
  4. NAIC Setup –  You really will not need to access the NAIC codes unless you accidentally assign the wrong company to a download. We will discuss NAIC codes in detail at a later time.
  5. Print – Prints a screenshot of the download manager
  6. Update – When you click on this button it will close the Download Manager and start the process for updating it.  After clicking on this button, you need to choose “Run” when prompted.
  7. What’s New – This lists the recently added companies and new features.  This box will pop up after you do an update.  However, you can always click on the box that says “Don’t show what’s new at login”, and this will simply allow you to look at the features by clicking on this button.

A little further down the screen, you’ll find the list of Download Files to be Processed. Right below it is a path. In this case, my file path is F:\aa\download. Yours may be different! It always depends on your network and how you have your server drive mapped. This is a very important part of receiving downloads. If for some reason you aren’t getting any files in this list. It is because the path on the Ivans or third party software is incorrect. Since you are just beginning, the box will be empty. This is just an example of what some of the files can look like.

Below the Download Files to be Processed there are three options that you can select.  You may select all or none and it is completely up to you.

  1. Automatically Print Work File Listing — prints all of the information within the work file.
  2. Automatically Print Memos — prints the memos automatically without prompting you.
  3. Proper Case Names and Addresses in WinAA — means that you would be using “Proper Case” such as Jim Smith instead of JIM SMITH.

Using The Agency Advantage Download Manager

From Windows Start button, choose All Programs and then Agency Advantage.  Click WinAA Download Manager to start the program.  The Download Manager will link with your database the first time it starts.  Log into the program the same way you log into The Agency Advantage.  The opening screen lists the company download files waiting to be processed.

You will double click on one of the files to download.  Then a new window will open with the files.

Error policy not found will sometimes appear in red.  Match the policy to the correct binder number or policy.  Is you do not match the policy number, The Agency Advantage will create a new policy upon posting.

Processing Initial Downloads

Many companies will be able to send you an Initial Download file which will populate your Agency Advantage Database with customer and policy information for all active customers with that company (for the lines of business they download).  You would need to request this ‘Initial Download’ and it would usually be the first download you receive.

  1. After a company has confirmed they have downloaded to your IVANS Mailbox, start up The Agency Advantage Manager, login, and click on the IVANS Transfer Manager icon.  The files that are in your IVANS Mailbox will download to your server.

The next screen that appears will ask you to match the company being downloaded to the company in your Agency Advantage.

Upon Existing, the Download Manager will process the file.


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