Add Notes

A note can be added from the Customer Folder, click on the Notes Tab and then add. 

Notes have a variety of uses and an unlimited number of notes can be entered for each customer. Examples of their use are documenting conversations with customers, recording receipt of documents that are being discarded, diary or follow-up reminders and much more.


When you add a note, it is automatically stamped with the date and time. Entering a follow-up date causes the note to be printed on the Follow-up Report of the CSR whose code is on the note. The Follow-up report is available on the Reports Menu and should be run regularly for all CSR codes.  After entering the note, click on the back button and exit the note entry window.

Once the follow up note has been completed, enter your notes and check the box next to the follow up.  


The Print Notes button generates a report that prints the complete note detail for all notes in selected date range. After clicking on the Print Notes button, select the date by clicking on the small calendar buttons or by typing the date, then click the Generate Report button to create the report. 


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