Split Tender Receipts

Frequently, we hear the question, “How can I take a payment that is paid part in cash and part by check?” 

Here is an example that will illustrate how to accomplish this type of transaction.  We will be taking a payment of $300.  $200 in a check and $100 in cash.


Note that our Pay Type is “Check” and that we have described the transaction as “Cash Check”.  Also, note the payment field is blank, but the Amount Tendered contains the amount of the check we are cashing.  No actual cash changes hands, but this transaction adjusts the amount of cash and checks on our Deposit Listing.

Next, we enter a receipt for the full payment as a cash transaction.  In this case, $300.


Note on the Deposit Listing that the system has made adjustments to the amount of cash and checks so that your drawer will balance.


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