Exporting Reports

One of the nice features in The Agency Advantage is the ability to export reports into Excel.However, the Export function was restricted by the fact that Microsoft Excel 2000 had to be installed. In order to eliminate this restriction, the Export function has been modified to export *.csv files. The *.csv extension means “Comma Separated Value.” CSV is a generic format that may be used with any version of Excel. The following tutorial will walk you through the steps to export data from AA and into Excel.

First, let’s run a report in The Agency Advantage. We’ll use the Customer Listing for our example. If the Export button is grayed out on the toolbar, then we currently do not have an Export function for that report.

Once you click the Export button, a dialog box will appear, choose where you would like to save the file and what name you will give it.

After you save the file, open the Excel program, and navigate to the Import Text File option as shown.

The Import Text File dialog box will appear.  Select the file you just exported out of AA.

Next, you will be guided through the import process with a Text Import Wizard.Make sure “Delimited” is selected in the first step then choose Next.  

In step 2 choose “Comma” as the delimiter and click next.

You now have the option of formatting the fields. This may or may not be necessary depending on the data you are Exporting. You can always format the fields after the data is imported. Click Finish.


You should now see the data as it was imported into Excel. You can sort, rearrange, or add more data as needed to suit your agency’s needs.

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