Commissions and Fees

Commissions and fees section is used to transfer funds from the escrow or premium trust (in & out) checking account to your main operating account.

This is done with following steps:

1. From the main menu select Accounting
2. Now select Commissions and fees


3. Next enter the date range for the report (this entry could be for one day or up to anytime period desired. Generally it is used to obtain a report of the funds that have been collected for the agency and have not been transferred yet.
4. Place a check mark on details, to get a detail report of each entry.
5. Click on the generate report button.

6. You are now in a preview screen of the report showing each item that needs to be transferred by check to the operating account.
7. If everything looks OK, select print.

This report totals all the other charges and net commissions that your agency has earned during the requested date range.

Since many states allow the collection of agency and broker fees for writing new, renewal and endorsement business, THE AGENCY ADVANTAGE can help you run a separate report on fees that have been collected by your agency and can produce a report by User (agent or CSR) if you pay a percentage of the fees to the Agent or Broker. You will need to complete the following steps to set-up the process.

1. From the main menu, select Setup/Agency Information.
2. Under the heading Other Charges, enter the name of the fee, Broker Fee or Agency fee, Processing fee, endorsement fee, etc.
3. Next to that entry, check the box for commissionable.
4. Now when you complete a receipt and you place an amount in the other charges of any commissionable fee, a dialog box will appear and ask you to assign the fee to one or more CSRs, the portion of the fee and the commission amount.
5. Click on Create Commission Record.
Now you can run a report by Users and see how much each user collected in fees and determine their commissions.
Using the following process generates this report:

1. From the main menu, select Setup
2. From the report menu, select Production and Volume reports
3. Now select Production by CSR.
4. Determine the Date range for your report.
5. Either enter one CSR code or leave blank to print them all
6. Transaction type, select the F = Fees.
7. Enter or leave blank the location code
8. Check the box for Form feed if you want CSR’s on separate sheets.
9. Click Generate report.
10. Now you can view and print the report of each fee collected by each CSR.

That will end our tour of the Commission and Fees reports and it’s uses.

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