Bulk Policy Activity Reconciliation using SQL

Please Note: This article is technical and deals with commands that make changes directly to your agency data. Proper backups should be made and verified before following these directions. If you need assistance please contact The Agency Advantage Support Team or a licensed and insured IT consultant.


Open the WinAAUtl application. It may also be labeled Agency Advantage Utilities or Tools and Utilities.

You will be prompted to enter the Administrator password. This is the password for the Administrator user. If you are another user who has been given Administrator rights, you will still need the password for the Administrator user to access this application.

From the menu select 'Run SQL Command'.

For our example, we want to reconcile all policy activities with a transaction date prior to January 1st 2016. This is common for agencies who have not been actively reconciling activities and would like to start fresh. We need to give each activity an arbitrary reconciled date, we chose January 1st 1980. If we ever need to reference these activities in the future, we can look them up by this date.

In the text area enter the following text:

UPDATE [Policy Activity] SET [Reconciled] = #1/1/1980# WHERE [TxnDate] < #1/1/2016#

Click Run.

You will receive a notification when the command is complete.

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