Export to Quick Books

Most Agencies operate with a Trust Account or a Pass Through account for handling the premiums they receive from their customers.  The companies draft funds from this account or checks are written  to the company.  The Agency Advantage provides all of the tools necessary to manage this account including the check register.

In some states agencies are allowed to operate without this trust account and deposit these premiums into their operating account.  If an agency operates in this manner, they may use The Agency Advantage receipting and EFT management tools and then export those transactions to Quick Books if they are using Quick Books to manage their operating account.

After you print checks, you can export the data to Quick Books.  From the Main Menu select: 

*    Accounting

*    Checking & Deposits

*    Quick Books Export

You will see a screen similar to this:

When entering items into any check register you must specify an expense account.  In the example above, the account COPAY or Company Payables is used as the expense account.

Consult your accountant about the names of your accounts in Quick Books.

The Agency Advantage exports to Quick Books in IIF format.  Since Quick Books for Windows can have multiple checking accounts, you must specify the name of the checking account on the setup screen above.  Consult your Quick Books manual for instructions on importing files.  When importing to Quick Books for Windows the import file name is \aausr\AAXFER.IIF

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