Merge Two Customer Folders

** This applies only to local servers (NOT Hosted) **

To Merge Two Customer Folders you need to go to:

The Advanced Utilities Menu is locates outside of The Agency Advantage.  To access this utilities program, click on the Windows Start button, choose All Programs and then Agency Advantage.  You will then see the program WinAAUtl.  You will have to log on with the Administrators password.

Click on Merge Two Customer Folders.

NOTE:   Use will caution because this cannot be undone!  

Before you merge customer folders make sure the two folders are not linked.  See below:

Once you click on the Merge Two Customer Folders, another screen will open to allow you to select your customer folders.

Then click start.  This will merge your two customer folders.

Reminder:  You can reach Technical Support at (800) 442-5447 x 3

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