Processing Daily Downloads

Processing your Daily Downloads:

  • Log into your WinAA Download Manager
  • Select a file to process (double click on the file)


A CSR needs to be assigned to the new business transactions. Also note the transaction where the customer is in yellow. No match was found on this name and address, so a new customer folder will be created in WinAA. Click on the drop down list and select the CSR to whom the policy belongs to. After you have done this, you are ready to post the batch. Click on the Post button in the top ribbon.

This next example shows two different kinds of errors: CUSTOMER NOT FOUND and POLICY NOT FOUND. You must correct these errors before posting the database. There are also two different types of downloads: Renewal Image and Policy Change. These are handled in different ways. Double-click on the record selector on the left to open up the customer download file.

After double-clicking on the record selector you will be taken to error handling screen.


Handling Discrepancies

Let’s look at this download file list again. The download renewal image failed to match an existing customer folder. You need to double-click on the record selector next to the customer name that has the error. We’ll start with the first person on the list.

On the screenshot above, look at the upper right hand corner at ‘Purpose’. This example is a Renewal Image.

Pay special attention to the policy number, effective date and expiration dates of this policy contained in the download (top portion of screen).

Under WinAA Data (middle of the screen), select a customer from the drop down to ensure it downloads into the correct customer folder, next take a look at the policies this customer has in the drop down list. Most of the time, the ONLY thing you need to do is click on Customer under WinAA Data and select the correct customer from the drop down list. Do NOT match this up to a policy. Remember this is a Renewal IMAGE. It is a complete policy and will overwrite data if you select a policy from the drop down list. There is an exception. What if that renewal already exists in your system? It could have gotten there through manual entry or through a quote import from a rater. It will be your discretion whether or not you want to select a policy from this list. If you leave it blank, it will create a new policy in the customer folder. If you select a policy, then it will overwrite the existing policy with data from the download.

If the person in the download is not in your WinAA Data customer drop down list, then you just need to click on the Post button at the top. The download manager will create a new customer folder in the database. Next, the download manager will return you to the download list.

The next example is a Policy Change or endorsement. Under WinAA Data, click on the customer drop down list and select the correct customer, under the policy drop down list, select the correct policy. After you have the information matched, you can select the Post button. Cancellations or any other Purpose where you would need to replace the data or update the data you would handle it in this way.


The View Details button up top, left corner, allows you look at the details of the download.


*A few tips…* 

* If you want to replace the data, match up the customer name AND customer policy number – it will overwrite all data in the current policy.
* If the Download Manager doesn’t detect an existing customer folder or if they aren’t in the drop down list, the Download Manager will create a new one for you.
* If the customer has been detected, but the policy number isn’t in there, leave it blank, the Download Manager will create a new policy for you.

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