Marketing To Customers with Specific Policy Information

Common Procedures: Marketing to Customers with Specific Policy Information

The Marketing Campaign feature provides a way to search your customer database using a variety of parameters and output the results to reports, labels, and letters. To use this feature, from the Home screen:

  • Click on Reports
  • Click on Marketing
  • Click on Marketing Campaigns

Click on the ‘Add’ button and this will open up a new marketing campaign.  You will need to name your campaign.


There are many parameters that may be used to define your search. For this example, we are going to search for all active customers that have AUTO policies, but do not have HOME policies. After we choose the criteria, click on Continue at the bottom.

When it is finished processing, it will notify you how many customers meet the criteria. Click OK.

The results are now displayed for you to review. If there are duplications they will be shown in red. You can delete them by clicking on the View Duplicate Customers (red circle) button and then deleting them if necessary. There are several ways you can use this data.

The Mailing Menu on the top bar gives you the option to create a text message, email, letter or insured labels. 

After you are finished with the data, click on the Exit button and it will return you to the previous screen.

Here you can choose to rename the particular campaign and save it for future use. Simply change the name of the description on the left, and exit out.

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