Check Register – General Functions

From the Main Menu select Accounting/Checking and Deposits.  Then select Check Register.

Most checks from AA will be printed from Process Checks, but you can print a check from the check register.

  1.  Select Add Check.  The system defaults to today’s date.  If this is correct press tab and enter the Payee.
  2. Then enter a description.  If you use the Quick Books export function,  you can change the account that this check is posted to by including the name of the cross account in curly braces.
  3. Now press tab and the printer should be highlighted.  Press enter on the printer or you can click on the printer.  The system will ask for a check number.  Enter the next check Number and press enter or click ok.  The check will be displayed on the screen in print preview mode.  If everything is correct, then click on the printer at the top of the screen.  Your print dialog box will be displayed.  Select the check printer and click OK.
  4. Then close the Print Preview by clicking on Exit.  Notice our new check is displayed as the first transaction in the register.


  • Add Deposit Button 
  • Add Adjustment 
  • Edit - You can view a check, you can reprint a check, but you cannot modify a check once it has been saved. If a check is entered incorrectly, you must void the check and re enter it.  You can however modify a deposit or an adjustment.
  • Void or Delete - If the record selector to the left is pointing to a Check,  The system will ask you if you want to void the check.  If the record selector is pointing at a deposit, it will ask if you want to delete the deposit, likewise with an adjustment.
  • Re-Add Check Register - Notice there is a balance stamped into each transaction.  If you were to go back and enter a transaction prior to the date of the last transaction,  The system will have to reconfigure the balance fields on all transactions.  If for some reason, these updates do not occur, due to a power failure or a system glitch.  You can click on this button and all transactions will be re added.  New balances will be stamped into each record, and new totals at the bottom will be re computed.  If for any reason, you question your bank balances, click on this button.
  • Search Check Register - To Find transactions in your register click on search.  You can search by check number, Payee, or amount.  Lets click on payee.  Enter “Gulf” and click on GO.  If the phrase “Gulf” is found anywhere in the payee field, the record will be displayed.  Also notice that the search criteria is displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Post 
  • Help 
  • Print Report 
  • Exit - To exit to the Check Register, click the exit button and it brings you to the Main Menu.





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