End of Day Processing

End of the Day Processing in The Agency Advantage

1. Print the Deposit Listing Report

  • From the main menu, select Accounting
  • Next, select Deposit Listing

  • List receipts from and to date, enter today’s date in both fields
  • Leave Cut off time blank (unless you are using the cut off time at the same time each day, it is a 24 clock and not from the start of today to the cut off time, but rather from 1700 hrs (5PM) of the previous day to 1700 hrs today.
  • Drawer Code, either enter a specific drawer code to do one drawer or blank to total all monies that have been receipted.
  • Show CSR breakdown will print an additional Tally sheet for each CSR individually.
  • Next select generate report and then click on the Printer icon

2.  Balance Deposits

  • Remove all cash and checks from your cash drawer except for your starting cash amount.
  • Print the Deposit Listing and compare your checks first, if it does not balance, you can find the error faster with checks first.
  • If there is an error, such as a Forward check to the company and it was recorded as a check for deposit, then someone with administrating rights needs to go to the receipt in question in the customer file and correct the Tender type from “K” to “F.”
  • Now add up your cash and it should balance with the total indicated on the deposit report.
  • After you print the Deposit listing, it will ask if you want to post the deposit, select NO until you get the deposit to balance and then finally post the deposit to the check register.

3.  Process Checks

  • After the Deposit balances, Select Check Processing, from the menu 
  • You must first click the rebuild button at the bottom


  • Highlight the first company to process, and the lower window will show all the receipts that a check has yet to be cut to the company.
  • Compare each item with your paperwork and agency copy of the receipt to determine if it is correctly going to the right company code and that the breakdown of payment amount, other charges and any agency bill less commission amounts are calculated correctly.

                - If the radio button is set to all on the lower portion of the window, you                   are looking at all the items. If you need to remit payment segregated

                - By type of transaction like all new business together, all renewals                         together and all payment together, then choose the correct button.

  • If you need to place a hold on any item, place a check mark in the proper box next to the receipt in question.
  • The check blocks above these items will tell you if the check is being cut as individual checks or combined items on one check.
  • Below the display type are some icons for the following:receipts.jpg
  • Select Print if everything is OK.
  • The pop up window will ask you if the next check number is correct and give an opportunity to correct it.
  • Next it will display a preview of the check for a last review, if you select exit and did check print Ok, as NO. You can start over.
  • If check is correct, then select the Print icon
  • The window will return to the check-processing list and the item(s) that you have just printed will disappear from the listing.
  • If you print a check incorrectly or your printer jams or the check prints on plain paper, you can go to the Check Register and void the check and it will place item back into check processing list just like it was before you printed the check.
  • After all the checks have been printed, you can print an agency check for any agency funds collected as fees, charges, and net commission that the agency is retaining and that is going to be deposited into your separate operating account. To print the details, go to Commissions and Fees on the menu.
  • Select the correct to and from dates.
  • Select Details to get a breakdown by customers and type of fees.

4.   Process EFTs

  • Select EFT Processing, from the menu
  • You must first click the rebuild button at the bottom
  • You can print the report if needed.
  • Next you can post the items selected to the check register, click post and the posting options box pops up.   Choose your option then click post.

  • Enter Transaction Date for Check Register
  • Next you need to print transmittal of the checks that you printed today.
  • Select Transmittal Letters from the Checking & Deposits menu System will default to today’s date, but can be changed to show any date.
  • Letter will appear in the preview screen, then print

5.   Export to Quick Books  

  • If you are operating one checking account for the agency and choose to use the Quick Books export feature, click on Quick Books export

  • Finally select export data, if you have set up the Quick Book fields.

6.  Finish

  • Now you can match up your items for mailing.
  • You should have created three stacks of work.
  • First is the agency copy of the receipt with any document that need to go to the company.
  • Second stack is the Checks that you have cut
  • Third stack is the transmittal letters.
  • If you have kept everything in order as you processed it, then everything will match up and there will be nothing left over in any of the three stacks.
  • Now the transmittal’s with Agency check and any document are collated together and stapled. They are now ready to be signed and reviewed before mailing.
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