EFT processing

When you take an EFT transaction, it doesn't go to the check processing like the other receipts.      You have to go to the EFT processing section to take care of these.   

*      From the Home Screen click on Accounting, Checking & Deposits, then click on EFT Processing.  

If you have any EFTs to process you will see this screen.

Once you have Selected EFT Processing, you need to click on rebuild icon.

Check the ones you want to hold, and then click on the Posting Options buttons.  You will then see this screen.

Choose your posting option then click the Post button again.  The EFT processing will only have left the ones you put on hold.  If you ever have a problem with the EFTs or can't see a recent change or addition to the EFT, click the Rebuild EFT button.  This will refresh the page.

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