Web Merge

The Web Merge feature provides quick access to company web pages with automatic entry of Logon information, such as User name and Password. It also allows you to map data from the current customer and policy on to company’s website once they have been mapped to the appropriate fields in The Agency Advantage.
Start by setting up each company’s website information. This is located under the Setup tab, then click Insurance Company Setup. Type or copy and paste (to copy select your text then click Ctrl C and to paste click Ctrl v), the insurance company’s log in web address in the Web Address field and fill in the insurance company’s email address, your agency’s username and password in the appropriate fields.


From within a customer’s policy, click on the Company Web Site button. The Agency Advantage will open up the company’s website with your default internet browser. The first time that you use the web merge feature you will have to map your fields. See the example below:

A new window will appear. First choose a category from the top drop down menu then choose from the bottom drop down menu the data within that category that you want to map. In the example below see how to finish mapping the website user name:

Continue to map the other fields on the company’s website. Once you have mapped all of the appropriate fields on a company’s website, those mapped fields will automatically fill with the appropriate information from the policy from which the website was opened.

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