Reindexing the Database

** This only applies to local servers (NOT HOSTED)**

In order to repair your WinAA database you first need to start the utilities program. This can be found under Start – Programs – Agency Advantage – WinAAUtl, as shown below:

When entering this program you will be prompted for the administrator password. After you enter the administrator password, you will be brought to the Advanced Utilities menu. Check the database path to verify that you are connected to your live database.

If you have verified that you are connected to the correct database, click on Reindex Database.
If you are not connected to your live database then follow the steps below:

  1. Choose ‘Change Connection’ from the menu.
  2. Click ‘OK’ on the popup.
  3. From the dialog locate and open the correct database file. The file should be located in your AA folder on the network drive. It should be named aadata.mdb or aadata.
  4. Your database path below the menu should now show the correct path to your live database.

Now choose ‘Reindex Database’ from the menu. You will be asked if you are ready to proceed.

It is very important that all workstations have closed WinAA. Once everyone is logged out click ‘Yes’ to proceed. What you will see next varies depending on your database size and the speed of your computer. If you have a large database, more than likely you will see a gray screen. It may appear that nothing is happening, but if you look to the bottom left corner of the screen you can check the progess in the status bar.

When finished the program will return to the utilities menu and a ‘Finished’ popup will be displayed.

If you are having problems with your database, it may be necessary to call support. Database issues, though uncommon, are a serious issue and can result in loss of data if ignored. If you have any question or problems please email

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