Accessing Archived Attachments and Scans

Instructions for Accessing Archived Attachments and Scans

When the Agency Advantage Support Team archives data to a USB flash drive or hard drive those items may be accessed from a local computer using the follow steps.

1. When you attempt to access an attachment or scan that has been archived from the Agency Advantage, you will receive the message below.

2. Click “OK” and then click the Edit Icon to display the details of the item.


3. A window will open displaying the details related to the attachment or scan you need, take note of the item’s name as shown below.



4. Mount the Archive media (USB Flash Drive or Hard Drive) and view it with Windows File Explorer.  In the top right of the File Explorer window type the file name into the search box and press Enter.  When the file is found, double click it to open it in the default viewer.


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