Log Out Button for Private Cloud


The Agency Advantage Private Cloud is an Internet based service, and as such, is subject to the occasional interrupted connection. These interrupted connections can leave users active on the cloud, even when it may not be responding locally. Completely logging out can resolve these issues.

New 'Log Out' Button

Agency Advantage users subscribed to Private Cloud should notice a new 'Log Out' button (pictured below). You may use this button to make sure you are completely logged out of the application.

If you have experienced any of the symptoms listed below, try clicking 'Log Out' then click 'Sign out' from the right side of the website menu. Give the service two to three (2-3) minutes then login again.

Common Symptoms of Interrupted Connectivity

  • Agency Advantage application will not open
  • Application is unresponsive
  • Multiple (duplicate) screens appear

Of course, if you continue to have issues or are unable to access your Agency Advantage software don't hesitate to reach out to our fast and courteous technical support team by email at support@agencyadvantage.com or by phone at (800) 833-5179.


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